Brussels Greenfield: grants for remediation

Let AGECO help you getting grants for soil remediation in the Brussels Region thanks to Brussels Greenfields !

BREEAM takes clearly the lead
Sustainable construction: Ageco is on its way to become very soon BREEAM Assessor and may from now on assist you for your sustainable projects!
Realty 2010: let's talk Real Estate!

AGECO is about to open in June a new office near Gent in Belgium. You will be kept informed as soon as possible.

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Why work with AGECO ?

1) AGECO is not an engineering office. Indeed, we proclaim, loudly and strongly, that we are a consulting office! Studies are a "necessary evil" that we conduct very willingly and which are unanimously appreciated by our clients and authorities, but they are far from being the first reason for which our clients come to (and come back to) AGECO. Our clients come to AGECO because our added value translates into :

  • a good listening ability,

  • a cross-disciplinary analytical ability,

  • high reaction levels,

  • a recognised expertise,

  • a proactive attitude,

  • keeping our word,

  • a constant attention paid to the consequences that our advice, recommendations, acts and words may have on each other,

  • an ability to simplify, teach and communicate complex issues,

  • a far-reaching mastery of risks and costs,

  • a good dose of diplomacy,

  • a thorough knowledge of regulations and procedures,

  • an extensive network of specialists, decision-makers and knowledge,

  • an anticipatory view of regulations and markets,

  • a very fine sensitivity with regard to the various players revolving around the projects we handle,

  • an excellent knowledge of the intricacies of the administrative system,

  • our consistent ability to resolve legal, financial, technical, administrative and conciliatory aspects of problems that are often complex in interacting domains, and finally,

  • people at your service who are motivated by the opportunities for learning as well as for personal development.

    2) The second point that very much sets us apart from the competition is AGECO's development of an extremely varied array of services with high added value in the environment, energy and safety domains, providing our clients with "one stop shopping" and our employees with numerous opportunities to learn.

    3) Since day one, AGECO has always ensured that it remains at the cutting edge of the market, technology and European regulations. Today, this enables us to be a strong player in services which are still not that well known, such as BREEAM, REACH, IPPC, Emission Trading, PEB, GRI, PRU, etc. We make careful choices regarding investments in time and specialised training, and these choices enable us to provide you with the best advice possible.

    4) Furthermore, AGECO operates not only in Belgium (as you would expect), but also internationally. In addition to branches in France and South Africa, we have a network of specialists and local partner offices that enable us to react quickly to requests for advice on wide-ranging projects in many different countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.