Brussels Greenfield: grants for remediation

Let AGECO help you getting grants for soil remediation in the Brussels Region thanks to Brussels Greenfields !

BREEAM takes clearly the lead
Sustainable construction: Ageco is on its way to become very soon BREEAM Assessor and may from now on assist you for your sustainable projects!
Realty 2010: let's talk Real Estate!

AGECO is about to open in June a new office near Gent in Belgium. You will be kept informed as soon as possible.

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Sustainable development

In order to build on their health, safety and environmental procedures, an increasing number of companies are incorporating sustainable development into their managerial processes. This approach is guided by the conviction that overall performance is the result of the combination of commercial and technical successes and a requirement for social and environmental responsibility

The stages for the incorporation of sustainable development into company management are usually as follows: 

  • Evaluation of managerial practices
  • Creation and evaluation of sustainable development performance indicators
  • Continuous improvement: identification of priority improvements and implementation of corrective actions
  • Sustainable development report
  • AGECO can help you at all stages of the incorporation of sustainable development into your company's management. Their thorough knowledge of environmental and social problems, their knowledge of the need for communication and their capacity to express these complex matters in both simple and formal terms make AGECO the ideal partner for the incorporation of sustainable development into your company.