printed on the 04-23-2018
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AGECO Environmental consulting sprl/bvba, created in 1999, is a company that combines the skills of about twenty experts who have been working as consultants in the environment and safety sectors for over a decade, both in the private sector and in the public sector.

AGECO Environmental Consulting can provide a full and effective consultancy service for all subjects regarding environment and safety aspects .

In this way, we help our clients to identify the environmental and safety risks that they are taking and, especially, we help them to implement the necessary measures for the management of those risks and for reducing them.

Active originally in the three regions of Belgium, AGECO Environmental consulting has now established their business on the international scene as well, or in association with foreign firms (France, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, China, India, South Africa, Angola, United States, Great Britain, etc.).

On a geographical level, AGECO is active in Europe, Africa and Asia.

We can also provide a professional service equivalent to that offered in Belgium and in France in all the countries in which we are active, thanks to our contacts within national bodies, contractors and local government or via our international network of experts.