printed on the 04-23-2018
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Mobility Management

Mobility becomes an essential issue for inhabitants, especially in an urban environment. In order to eliminate queues and all the consequences that arise from them (loss of time, stress, arguments, danger for vulnerable persons, etc.), AGECO can offer two services: the execution of traffic and parking studies and the implementation of green transport plans.

In respect to traffic and parking studies, everything will depend, naturally, on the perceived problem and the expected solutions. Without wishing to generalise, these studies are carried out either as part of new projects or because parking or traffic problems have arisen and solutions must be found. In either case, AGECO can use its members' experience to your advantage: traffic counting, parking survey, flow analysis, highlighting user conflicts , propositions regarding road layout and infrastructure, planning of works, etc.

Green transport plans, also known as "mobility plans", may be one of the solutions to the general mobility problems. The objective of such plans is to reduce single-person car journeys (coming to work alone by car) by encouraging staff to use alternative means of transport (public transport, private group transport, bicycles, on foot), to use car pooling or car sharing or even to work at home. In order to achieve this, AGECO can assist you in the development of the plan, its implementation and its monitoring: analysis of the existing situation, analysis of accessibility, establishment of a mobility profile, highlighting potential changes, proposing special measures, assistance with the implementation of these measures and follow up of the developed system.