printed on the 04-23-2018
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Negotiation and communication expertise

Our special skills include an uncontested expertise in negotiation and communication with the various authorities required to give their opinions on applications that are sometimes very sensitive, but this expertise also extends to different, or even opposing, interest groups (industry, authorities, neighbours, NGOs, etc.).

This talent for negotiation, which allows us to reconcile objectively positions that, on occasions, seem to be totally opposed (financial interest, NIMBY phenomena, wholesomeness and public safety, social issues, etc.), requires a sense of diplomacy, unanimously recognised in us both by our clients and by the various interest groups.

Our preferential access to the European institutions located in Brussels (European Commission, European Parliament, etc.) enables us not only to follow closely the European strategies and policies being developed in our field of expertise, but also to make personal contacts to favour the successful outcome of an application. These valuable facilities provide undisputed added value to negotiations at an international level.

The content and the presentation of applications, after such negotiations, thus becomes a compromise between the technical, financial, environmental and legal aspects acceptable to all parties, with the result that, once a formal application is made, it has already, in many cases, been accepted unofficially by the Community.

Anticipating, constructing, explaining, communicating, debating, convincing, accepting, arguing, demonstrating, reconstructing, weighing and balancing are the terms that AGECO's experts have regularly used as part of the successful completion of their numerous appointments.