printed on the 04-23-2018
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Financial and management expertise

AGECO's financial expertise is based on their profound knowledge of:

  • the participants in the market: frequent contacts with various certified laboratories, with reputed contractors, and with specialist companies in the various fields of health, safety and the environment, special techniques, structures, town planning, architecture, mobility, etc.
  • the costs of the various techniques of analyses, drainage, waste water treatment, rehabilitation, waste and ground treatments, etc., together with the cost of mechanical services installations and materials
  • clients' financial requirements: the techniques proposed are designed so as to comply as far as possible with our clients' technical and financial requirements
  • the costs of the recommended solutions and of the financial impacts on our clients: the solutions proposed are always compared with our clients' actual requirements and with the resources that can be developed
  • the grants and subsidies that can be obtained (consultancy grants, grants for investment related to the environment or to energy savings, etc.)
  • The practical consequence of our financial expertise, a capital element in the assistance that AGECO can provide for you, is a full awareness of your management requirements. Meeting agreed deadlines and also the flexibility of our group will ensure that, even in unforeseen circumstances, there will be a minimum of annoyances.

    Finally, it would not be vain to add that full control over our own costs will provide the certainty of a high quality service at the right price !