printed on the 04-23-2018
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CO2 verification Emission Trading

AGECO has a certain experience in obtaining greenhouse gas emission permits in the Walloon Region and the Brussels Capital-Region of Belgium. In addition, and as a complement to the emission permits, we carry out verifications of the greenhouse gas emission declarations for the relevant companies. The objectives of these verifications are to:

  • Ensure that the data submitted by the Applicant as part of his declaration is obtained correctly in compliance with the monitoring systems detailed in the emissions permit and that it is reliable and free from significant errors
  • Produce the results of the whole checking process in the form of an insurance report or a verification and compliance certificate
  • Concretely, we carry out an audit report on the basis of the data submitted by the company (installations and fuels involved, monitoring methods applied, etc.) and an insurance report or a verification and compliance certificate (our opinion as to the company's emissions declaration).

    These objectives are achieved by a detailed examination of the administrative and technical information about the site, as provided by the company. To do this, it is absolutely essential to make at least one detailed inspection of the site.