printed on the 04-23-2018
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The European and International contexts

Whereas the overall guidelines of environmental policy in the European Union are defined in Brussels, some Member States apply more severe environmental legislation, the legitimacy of which is based on the founding principles of the Union. Close attention must therefore be paid to all environmental regulations, to European Union policy and to the policies of the Member States.

Because of this, AGECO follows closely international conferences relating to the environment and the signature of agreements and conventions (UNFCCC, Kyoto Protocol, etc.), together with changes in European legislation (REACH Regulations, preparatory documents, etc.). AGECO’s experts in their analyses of the actual and potential risks to which their clients are exposed, take all these references into account.

AGECO can determine the issues, constraints and uncertainties for any particular case of the establishment of a company in one of the Member States that is less proactive with respect to the application of the Union's directives and regulations (IPPC Directive, RoHS Directive, WEEE Directive, etc.). The benefits of such an analysis may, among other things, result in an advantageous position with respect to the competition, due to better adaptation to the statutory context.

AGECO's experts, with a view to strategic planning, have learned to balance the risks linked with more strict regulations with the search for and development of technological solutions.

AGECO's multi-national and multi-disciplinary team, assisted by its network of experts, is, therefore, the ideal guide for any Belgian or foreign company wishing to meet European requirements by providing professional advice on health, safety and the environment.