printed on the 04-23-2018
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Soil and ground water investigation and remediation

The logical consequence, often, of an environmental audit that reveals potential risks, is the soil and ground water investigation. This study will confirm or remove suspicions as to the sanitary quality of the soil and/or ground water.

A soil investigation is, moreover, compulsory in certain cases: national or regional legislation might require a soil investigation if there is for example an existing installation that is posing a certain risk for polluting the ground or ground water or if the land is changing ownership.

AGECO is able to carry out a preliminary survey (initial diagnosis) of the condition of the soil and/or the ground water, three-dimensional characterisation studies (further diagnosis) of any pollution and an evaluation of the risks (simplified or detailed study of the risks). The risk is evaluated using mathematical models, both in relation to the eco-systems and humans. AGECO and their experts are also able to suggest remediation techniques, the opportunity for which will depend on the specific features of the site (existence of buildings, multiple pollution, estimate of costs, etc.), and to make the necessary permit application . AGECO will then monitor the remediation work as it is carried out.

AGECO can also assume the tasks for filing an application regarding financial help and support from relevant organisations (authorities, BOFAS, etc.) in view of reducing the costs for the remediation of the site.

The soil study not restricted to the managing of an eventual pollution. AGECO can also carry out geotechnical investigations: electrical and seismic investigations, penetration tests, stability studies, etc.