printed on the 04-23-2018
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Water management

As far as water management is concerned, AGECO concentrates on a search for solutions to optimise water consumption and the discharge of waste water by companies.

AGECO's experts analyse their water requirements (process water, cleaning, domestic water, etc.) in order to reduce its consumption. They propose technical solutions (modification of the process, choice of devices, recovery of process water and rainwater, etc.) and human solutions (better cleaning practices in particular). AGECO has, in addition, acquired a thorough knowledge of water supply (hydro-geological studies, pumping tests, drafting of specifications for extraction wells, monitoring of works, assistance at formal acceptance of works).

As far as waste water discharge is concerned, AGECO's experts study the quantity of water discharged, together with its level of pollutants. On the basis of this data, they can not only assist companies in the sizing of their waste water treatment plant but can also develop preventive actions (choice of products, outlets for the waste produced, etc.).